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Overseas contact lens pioneers


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In the Beginning

Friedrich Anton Mueller-Uri (1862-1939)

Albert Carl Mueller-Uri (1864-1923)

Friedrich Edward Mueller-Uri (1891-1945)

Adolf Eugen Fick (1852-1937)

August Mueller (1864-1949)

Eugene Kalt (1861-1941)


The Early Years

Carl Friedrich Zeiss (1816-1881)

Otto Schott (1851-1935) Ernst Abbe (1840-1905)


Moritz Von Rohr (1868-1940)



Hans Hartinger (1891-1960)


Leopold Heine (1870-1940)

C. H. S. Sattler

No picture

Adolf  Mueller-Welt (1904-1972)

Istvan Gyorffy (1912-1999)

Henricus Weve (1888-1962)

Heinrich Wohlk (1913-1991)

Wilhelm Sohnges (1905-1985)


The American Hard Men

The Danz Family

No picture

William Feinbloom (1870-1940)

Theodore Obrig (1896-1967)

Ernest Mullen

No picture

Philip L. Salvatori

George Jessen (1916-1987) Solon Braff (1916-1992)

Kevin Tuohy (1919-1968)

Jack Neill (1902-1978)

Bill Policoff (1896-1976) George Butterfield (1895-1973) No picture

George Tsuetaki (1922-1989)

Robert  Graham (1906-1997)

Norman Gaylord Daniel Elliott Jr

David Volk (1918-1987)

Eugen Hirst (1911-1989)


The Soft Men

Otto Wichterle (1913-1998)
Walter Becker

Maurice Seiderman

Donald Brucker (1932-2005) Seymour Marco (1924-1983)

George Mertz (1946-2002)


To the British Contact Lens Association for permission to reproduce our material originally published by them in 2006; and to the following for their assistance:

The Ernst Abbe Stiftung Optisches Museum Jena, Jan Ayres, Neal Bailey, Joseph Breger, Don Brucker, Margaret, Nancy and Paula Butterfield, Brigitte Caffery, Randy Danz, Harold Davis, Kylie Evans, David Ewell, Richard Feinbloom, Donald Golden, David Goss, Miklos Gyorffy, Robert Heitz, Brien Holden, Sybille Hood, Richard Keeler, Bob Koetting, Ron Loveridge, Lis Lowe, David Marco, John Meyler, Robert Morrison, Christoph Mϋller-Uri, Richard Pearson, Pierre Rocher, John Shennon, Carl Peter Soehnges, Maureen Storey, Sam Tripas, Klaus Voerste, Rolf Weinschenk, Kamil Wichterle and Wolfgang Wimmer.


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