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Compiled and introduced by

Andrew Gasson and Tim Bowden


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Thomas Young (1773-1829)

Sir John Herschel (1792-1871)

Andrew Rugg-Gunn (1884-1972)

Andrew Rugg-Gunn

Frederick Williamson-Noble (1889-1969)

Ida Mann (1893-1983)

Josef Dallos (1905-1979)

George Nissel (1913-1982)

Charles Keeler (1903-1993)

Arthur Poole (1905-1998)

Dick Smellie (1903-1992)

Edmund Tomkins

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Edmund Plaice

Hermann Treissman (1901-1963)

Harry Birchall (1884-1952)

Frederick Ridley (1904-1977)

Keith Clifford Hall (1910-1964)

Frank Dickinson (1906-1978)

Geoffrey McKellen (1903-1985)

Arthur Forknall (d. 1961)

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Raymond Kelvin Watson (1911-1974)

Stephen Gordon (1922-2004)

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Arthur Bennett (1912-1994)

Frederick Burnett Hodd (1911-1999)

Irving Fatt (1920-1996)

Jonathan Kersley (1939-2000)


To the British Contact Lens Association for permission to reproduce our material originally published by them in 2004; and for the assistance of the the following individuals:

Eric Bloodworth, John Brothwell, Jennifer Chaston, Meriel and Peter Dickinson, Dave Edgar, Robert Fletcher, Tim Hall, Nigel Burnett Hodd, Richard Keeler, Christopher Kerr, Judith Morris, David Newlove, Vera Dallos-Pinter, Peter Varnes, Marion Warner, Geoffrey Watson, Geoffrey Woodward.

The College of Optometrists' Museum for more Contact Lens History


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